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The Eclipse

Exhilaration and tranquillity that only sailing can offer.

No other West Australian coastal charter offers you the purity of wind in the sails, the rush of twin hulls knifing through undisturbed waters, the intimacy of small-group experiences-of-a-lifetime and the delicate insight of nature in the palm of your hand. Leave the world behind for a reset of the soul and spirit. Bring your dreams of freedom, serenity, and adventure, we will Eclipse them.

Eclipse is a performance Catamaran and she is rigged for maximum sailing indulgence.  All sails can be hoisted and trimmed from the helm station enhancing safety and convenience.

Haven’t sailed before? That’s ok, we will happily provide you with an opportunity to learn the basics and send you home with a wonderful new skill. 






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Find the freedom of adventure

In addition to the luxury found on board Eclipse, you will find freedom of adventure thanks to our two custom designed, expertly crafted expedition boats.

These sturdy boats are purpose built to handle the unique environment’s found on the West Australian coastline so you can reach far off, secluded corners of the destinations we cruise in both comfort and safety. They are large enough to provide a stable platform from which to cast a line or snap some wildlife photography, whilst being specifically designed to manoeuvre through the intricate waterways found along our vast coastline.


The Art of Discovery.

Iconic Kimberley Expedition

The Kimberley Coast is a panorama of encrusted mountains, breathtaking gorges and remarkable waterfalls. Capture the Kimberley’s finest highlights with a bespoke tailored itinerary.

Kimberley Islands Explorer

The Southern Kimberley is an archipelago of secluded islands, breathtaking gorges and remarkable waterfalls. Capture the Kimberley’s finest highlights with a bespoke tailored itinerary.

Montebello Islands Explorer

Alive with nature and history, The Montebello Islands offer unparalleled freedom of adventure. Fringing reefs and turquoise waters surround the islands, providing a habitat for more than 450 species of fish and countless species of marine mammals. Onshore, pristine beaches, a varied natural environment and evidence of intriguing human history welcome you to explore. Join Eclipse for a voyage to this unique offshore paradise and experience the best of it all.

South West Safari

Dive into unspoilt clear waters, hike through ever changing scenery and dine at world class venues all between one magnificent sunrise and sunset in Western Australia’s world renowned Margaret River. Customise your very own bespoke 2 and 3 night voyage in this region to explore the absolute best this magnificent region has to offer.

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