Sustainable Ethos

The Eclipse commitment to reducing our impact

As the popularity of expedition cruising in the remote far north of Australia grows the environmental consequence on its pristine and fragile waterways and coastlines follows.

At Eclipse our commitment to reducing our own impact on the environment is genuine and robust.

We take a bottom-up approach starting with the sourcing of sustainable materials and products onboard including linen, towels, crew uniforms, furnishings, fabrics and other materials.

Cleaning products will all be Environmentally responsible, biodegradable, and naturally derived.

Image of dandelions on beach
Sail boat sailing with people relaxing onboard

Likewise, we will supply eco-friendly organic grooming products for your use onboard.

We will take the utmost care in our choice of packaging and it’s recycling so that you can be sure we leave a minimal footprint wherever we drop anchor.

In choosing a sailing catamaran over a traditional motorised vessel we will significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Even when motoring we will consume considerably lower fuel than other operators due to the lighter weight, shallow draft planing hull of a glass fibre catamaran compared to heavier, deeper draft steel and aluminium displacement hulls.

Eclipse is fitted with multiple solar panels and large lithium battery banks to reduce reliance on our diesel generator. The vessel is fitted with low consumption machinery, lights and fixtures again to increase efficiency and reduce power consumption.

At Eclipse you can take comfort in knowing our promise to the environment is absolute and you will witness this commitment everyday onboard.


The Art of Discovery.

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