Waterfall Odysseys

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Thanks to the Kimberley’s thundering wet season and it’s rugged undulating landscape, the region is blessed with countless waterfalls, each as beautiful and unique as the last making it a must visit destination for breathtaking waterfall experiences. Some are powerful and tower overhead, others trickle over intricately carved rock walls but they’re all guaranteed to leave you mesmerised.

People on boat looking at steep waterfall
Three waterfalls surrounded by rocky steep cliffs

You will be able to embark on a challenging and rewarding hike to the secluded and pristine Jackson Falls, cruise alongside towering hidden falls in our adventure tender and enjoy an ice cold drink on the bow of Eclipse as it nestles at the base of Kings Cascade. We can also take you to explore secluded billabongs found under rushing water falls where you might like sit and to tuck into a chef prepared delight while taking in the your stunning surroundings.

Enjoying a dunk under one of the Kimberley’s stunning freshwater streams will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. All swimming enjoyed as part of our waterfall odysseys is conducted in safe surroundings, well away from estuarine crocodile habitats.

Boat on water next to rocky cliffs and white water

Of course, we can’t forget the unique phenomena of Horizontal Falls with its rushing tidal current which has to be seen to be believed. Our expert staff will safely take you on an exhilarating ride through what David Attenborough considers to be ‘one of the world’s great natural wonders’. Montgomery Reef also features an unusual reef structure that creates spectacular cascading waterfalls in the middle of the ocean. 

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