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An untamed wilderness of rugged ranges, savannas and expansive waterways, the Kimberley is home to an abundance of animals, both great and small. From marvellous birds of prey such as the Sea Eagle, to the great Humpback Whale migration and of course the almighty Saltwater Crocodile existing alongside marine life such as turtles, dolphins and dugongs, the Kimberley wildlife is in a class of its own. Unreal to experience in bespoke small groups, our seasoned guides will facilitate intimate encounters and share local knowledge on the incredible species you encounter.

Crocodile floating on top of water surrounded by mangroves
Close up shot of a eagle flying

The Montebello Islands with it’s unique limestone landscape and rich coral reef systems is home to an diverse range of wildlife. An abundance of turtles reside here with green, flatback, hawksbill, loggerhead and leatherback turtles all found in the archipelago. As many as 65 species of shorebirds can be watched here with many migratory shorebirds utilising the islands as feeding and resting grounds on their long journeys. Take a dive below the crystal clear waterline into rich coral grounds home to an abundance of marine invertebrates, over 400 species of fish and even the intriguing dugongs move through the shallow warm waters.

Humpback whale breaching surface of water on sunny day

Considered as one of only 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world, Australia’s South West is the perfect place to have a brush with wildlife. A diverse habitat and extensive range of animal species contribute to the rare and unique nature of this ocean- meets forest region. The dense bush land is home to woylies, kangaroos and a number of lizard species and the skies above see kookaburras,  cockatoos and eagles soar through. Turn your eye to the shimmering waters here and you can witness dolphins, rays and of course iconic whale migrations.

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