Adventure to satisfy your tastebuds

Winding through the tidal mangroves of The Kimberley and The Montebello Islands in our expedition vessels hunting for some mud crabs is an authentic and exciting adventure. 

Few things taste sweeter than a Mud Crab… except when you have had the satisfaction of catching one for yourself. After the excitement of securing your own, this sought after delicacy is prepared fresh onboard for you to really top off the wild conquest.

Boat driving through clear blue water in mangroves
woman holding mud crab

Set off with our experienced guides, learn how and where to set the pots then adventure through the mangrove ecosystem awaiting to pull in a prized Mud Crab. All from within the comfort of our expedition vessels, this activity is a highlight for all.

The afternoon will entail freshly prepared mud crab on the deck of Eclipse or on a private beach, cooked over coals as the sun recedes to the horizon. Of course, we’ll crack the crab for you and make the feast effortless.

Mud crab in crab pot

If you’d rather just enjoy the delicacy without the thrill of pulling up pots, there’s always sightseeing or a billabong odyssey adventures to be enjoyed instead. The high tide required to secure Mud Crabs provides special access to vast areas of the our wild and untamed coast.

Remember your hat, sunnies and crabbing hunger as we embark on a mud crabbing or other adventure to satisfy your tastebuds.

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