The Kimberley

Explore a seemingly endless wilderness only accessible by sea.

With it’s rugged landscapes, calm turquoise waters, thundering waterfalls and pristine beaches, the Kimberley’s seemingly endless wilderness is a part of the world so vast and impressive that it has to be seen to be believed. It is an otherworldly place, far removed from large human populations and with much of it only accessible by the sea, it’s coastline has been recognised as one of the world’s most pristine marine environments. The Kimberley is wonderous, mysterious and life-affirming. It offers an iron-clad guarantee that the planet is rich and resilient, a primal glimpse into life without man. It deserves to be explored with a sense of wonder and left without a trace of your passing. Eclipse can take you there.


The Art of Discovery.

Iconic Kimberley Expedition

The Kimberley Coast is a panorama of encrusted mountains, breathtaking gorges and remarkable waterfalls. Capture the Kimberley’s finest highlights with a bespoke tailored itinerary.

Kimberley Islands Explorer

The Southern Kimberley is an archipelago of private islands, breathtaking gorges and remarkable waterfalls. Capture the Kimberley’s finest highlights with a bespoke tailored itinerary.

Destination Highlights

Horizontal Falls

Tucked away in the striking landscapes of the Buccaneer Archipelago, amongst the tantalising blue waters of Talbot Bay are two narrow, rugged gorges through which the exhilarating Horizontal Falls rush. “The Falls’ are caused by massive tidal movements pushing water through the narrow passage with such force, that it creates a waterfall which appears to move horizontally. David Attenborough described this phenomena as one of the world’s great natural wonders and there is no doubt you will be equally as impressed when you witness it’s power.

Silica Beach

The Kimberley coastline is isolated from large human populations and much of it is inaccessible except by sea, seeing it often recognised as one of the world’s most pristine and untouched marine environments. The dreamy shores of Silica Beach are perhaps the most perfect example of this. There are thousands of stunning beaches dotted throughout the Buccaneer Archipelago but Silica Beach, on the shores of Hidden Island, is definitely the jewel in the crown with its calm turquoise waters and ivory sand. Wandering this secluded island paradise and taking in a dreamy Indian Ocean sunset from its pure soft sand will leave you with a feeling of pure bliss.

Montgomery Reef

Australia’s largest inshore reef is impressive thanks to it’s sheer size, striking blue waters and the astounding marine spectacle you can witness here. A rapidly falling tide makes it appear that the coral reef is rising from the Indian Ocean right before your eyes in a torrent of cascading water. The monumental tidal changes see a plethora of marine life disperse from within in a race to the safety of the sea, giving you the opportunity to witness octopuses, reef sharks, turtles and even manta rays and dolphins in a hive of activity.

Kings Cascade Prince Regent River

Kings Cascade

In the heart of the Kimberley and located along the mighty Prince Regent River, where the scenery is astounding and the fishing is world class, lies the majestic Kings Cascade waterfall. Marvelling at the fresh water rush over its ancient terraced rock formations covered in lush green forestry is simply mesmerising.

Kings Cascade is not only a wonder to marvel at, but freshening up as you enjoy a ‘shower’ beneath its cascades from our vessel is a marvellous experience also. Taking a hike to the falls peak, you will find a natural freshwater swimming pool which is a spectacular place for a dip thanks to its breathtaking view over the magnificent Prince Regent River.

Hunter River

Magnificent, mighty, momentous… just a few ways to describe the Hunter River in the north east corner of the stunning Prince Frederick Harbour. The grandeur of the Hunter can be felt right from the beginning thanks to the high sandstone escarpment found towering overhead at the river mouth. The striking colours of nature found here are otherworldly as turquoise waters contrast with steep ochre rock escarpments interspersed with pockets of lush green vegetation.

The Hunter River is home to an ecologically important population of mangroves located within Porosus Creek which form impressive natural artistic patterns in the sand visible at low tide. The river is also home to the highest density of estuarine crocodiles in the vast Kimberley region, which hints that the barramundi must be in good supply here making it an anglers dream.

Doubtful Bay

Named by early explorer Phillip Parker King who thought it was an eerie and doubtful entrance to the mythical inland sea, Doubtful Bay is in fact a place of vast wonder and promise. The area is teeming with species of estuary fish, in particular the elusive Barramundi, making it a place of great desire for keen anglers.

Within Doubtful Bay you will find multiple river systems, such as the mighty Sale River, along with intricate creek waterways such as Red Cone Creek that flows gently downstream into the mythical Ruby Falls. There are a multitude of rocky outcrops to admire but perhaps none as spectacular as Raft Point which rises high above the entrance to Doubtful Bay. As if this isn’t enough magic to be found in one bay, the area harbours significant ancient rock art galleries to admire and fresh water holes to plunge into.

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