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Are you a group looking to go on your dream adventure holiday? We offer the unique ability to customise your private voyage so all types of travellers in the group can be catered for. A cruise with Eclipse offers unmatched freedom when it comes to planning your adventure because unlike larger charter vessels with stringent schedules, our guests enjoy the luxury of choosing how they would like to enjoy their time in Australia’s West Coast.

With its vast array of landscapes, there is an opportunity for activities to please even the most discerning traveller and here at Eclipse, we work closely with your group ahead of the cruise to ensure everyone’s interests are catered for in the itinerary and experience offering.


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We might have an expert and intricate knowledge of the West Australian coastline and how best to see it, but only you know how you prefer to travel and explore. That’s why here at Eclipse we believe in the freedom to adventure how you want and we offer the unique opportunity to customise your voyage with us. Take a look through our destination highlights and see what experiences excite you the most before curating your preferences below to create your very own customised West Coast itinerary.


The Art of Discovery.

Iconic Kimberley Expedition

The Kimberley Coast is a panorama of encrusted mountains, breathtaking gorges and remarkable waterfalls. Capture the Kimberley’s finest highlights with a bespoke tailored itinerary.

Kimberley Islands Explorer

The Southern Kimberley is an archipelago of secluded islands, breathtaking gorges and remarkable waterfalls. Capture the Kimberley’s finest highlights with a bespoke tailored itinerary.

Montebello Islands Explorer

Alive with nature and history, The Montebello Islands offer unparalleled freedom of adventure. Fringing reefs and turquoise waters surround the islands, providing a habitat for more than 450 species of fish and countless species of marine mammals. Onshore, pristine beaches, a varied natural environment and evidence of intriguing human history welcome you to explore. Join Eclipse for a voyage to this unique offshore paradise and experience the best of it all.

Geographe Bay & The South West

Dive into unspoilt clear waters, hike through ever changing scenery and dine at world class venues all between one magnificent sunrise and sunset in Western Australia’s world renowned Margaret River. Customise your very own bespoke 2 and 3 night voyage in this region to explore the absolute best this magnificent region has to offer.

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Eclipse Expeditions cruises through far off corners of Australia’s pristine West Coast. We will explore parts of Australia’s remote Kimberley, the untouched magic of the Montebello Islands and the awarded Southwest wine Region

Thanks to it’s incredible remoteness, the coastline has been recognised as one of the world’s most pristine marine environments. Find out more about some of the highlights in the region that we visit by following the link below.

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Customised to cruise through the Kimberley's

Eclipse is a newbuild modern performance sailing catamaran designed for maximum comfort under sail and the most luxurious indulgence at anchor.

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We offer a  plethora of activities at your fingertips to make for the trip of a lifetime