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Experience the Kimberley’s rich history through land-based odysseys, uncovering remnant rainforests, ancient gorges, and World War II artefacts. Our knowledgeable guides lead small-group hikes, picnics, and explorations, revealing the wonders of this bewitching landscape. Every day of your customised itinerary features onshore expeditions, cool off in a private billabong oasis, marvel at thunderous waterfalls, or challenge yourself on a rock walk to pristine locations. Bushwalking and exploration cater to all fitness levels, with our crew ensuring a seamless journey through historical sites, hidden art galleries, and relaxing billabongs. 

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With a rich history and distinct natural landscape, exploring the shores of the Montebello Islands is an intriguing experience indeed. The striking limestone scenery houses intriguing archaeological remains indicating the islands were visited by indigenous Australians until about 8248 BP, when The Montebellos became separated from the mainland.  Evidence of 19th-century pearling pioneers and their early attempts at pearl shell cultivation is revealed in experiential shell pools and old pearling camps, both intriguing to admire. Monuments and some ruins associated with the British nuclear tests carried out here in the 1950’s can still be seen today,  though the islands remain a pristine wilderness unaffected by such a significant past.

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From famed hiking tracks to world class wineries, the South West region has a varied scenery that will surprise and delight. The undulating cape to cape track is alive with flora and fauna and has snippets for all classes of walkers to enjoy, much of which hugs the picturesque coastline. With just over 100 cellar doors dotted throughout, this part of the world is a wine connoisseurs dream location to meander through. Beyond this, you can even find yourself marvelling at the intricate workings of a mammoth underground cave system or strolling through a giant karri forrest. 

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